“She is a great risk taker who thrives on deadlines and excels at solving complex creative problems.”

Barbara Goldberg,
Executive Vice President,
O’Connell & Goldberg Creative Public Relations

Creator of regional, national and international slogans and product positioning.

Alamo - At Alamo, You’re Always a Special Agent
(national campaign to travel agencies)

Alamo - We’re on the Same Team
(national campaign “We’re in the Major Leagues”)

Central Bank - We Don’t No!
(It’s been the “Yes Bank” for more than 3 decades)

Carls’ Furniture -
When Ordinary Furnishings Just Won’t Do

Clientele Daily Nutrients -
Fights Aging from Within

MDR Fitness Tabs -
Survival of the Fittest

Close Quarters -
Infection Protection

Sales Training Consultants -
Training for Business...is Our Business!
(national training firm)

Solar Free -
The No-Sun Suntan

Stopbusters Plus Training -
The Extra Dimension to Retention
(Retention Program)

MindLink Diet -
It’s All in Your Head


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