”Create Great Ads at Breakneck Speed”
Women in Communications National Conference

“A great session. Creative, organized, interactive and fun!”

“Great ideas. She should videotape and sell them!”

“Lots of information.
Lots of fun.”

“Very practical, hands-on teaching, clear and concise, very impressive, working knowledge, fun, enjoyed her presentation.”

“Margo was great! I loved her energy and creativity.”

“Very good, interactive session. I can implement
many of these ideas
in a short time span.”
American Press Institute seminar participants -
“Thinking Outside Your Own Haircut”

Award-winning educator offers half-day and full-day customized seminars designed to create...SponBRAINeous Combustion®. Get ready to Shatter the Gray Matter® as this Creative Catalyst Unlocks The Block® in these and other
fast-paced, interactive seminars:

Creative Problem Solving Marketing Ad Design Writing
Public Relations BrandingProofreading Team Building

Sample Seminars:

“Creative Problem Solving” - Alamo Rent A Car

“How to Market Your Practice” - Columbia Hospital

“Measuring Advertising Effectiveness” - Tallahassee    Democrat

“Creative Advertising & Design” - Knight Ridder

“Proofreading Like a Pro” - The Miami Herald

“Marketing on a Shoestring Budget” -
   National Association of Women Business Owners

“Writing for TV” - First National Bank, Twiglet Seminar

“How To Write Radio Spots” - Miami Lakes Technical    School

“Color, Size and Placement of Ads” - Columbus Ledger

“Powerful PR” - Arts Council of South Florida

“How to Write Killer Copy” -
    Women in Communications National Conference

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Actual live sessions of on-site training

“How to Write Killer Copy” Side 1 & 2

“Create Great Ads at Breakneck Speed” Side 1 & 2

• "Mental Peanut Butter®" Side 1 & 2

tactikPAK® Digital Series (a patented learning system)

"Advertising tactikPAK®"


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Street-Smart Advertising
Mental Peanut Butter®
How to Write Killer Copy
How to Create Great Ads at   Breakneck Speed
Soaring, Not Just Flying
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